How to buy BNB and BUSD via Coinbase and SafePal

The easiest way to buy BNB and BUSD is via (for US residents) and via (for non-US residents). However, if you already have a Coinbase account and do not want to register on Binance you can swap some of your ETH for BNB and BUSD using SafePal wallet.

First, install SafePal mobile app and create an account. Once you have SafePal on your phone, send at least 0.1 ETH from your Coinbase wallet to your SafePal wallet. After you see the ETH in your SafePal wallet, click the "swap/exchange" icon:

Select "Swap" at the top of the screen. Then, select ETH for "Pay" input and "BNB" or "BUSD" for "Receive" input. Follow the on-screen instructions to swap assets.

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