Moving BUSD as BEP2 from to Trust Wallet

If you haven't purchased any BUSD on, go to Buy Crypto page on or click Buy Crypto link on homepage. Once you have BUSD in your BEP2 wallet on, you need to transfer it to your Trust Wallet. Go to BUSD withdrawal page and select BEP2 as Withdrawal Network.

Now go to Trust Wallet app, click on "Receive", select Binance USD (BEP2). Make sure you select the token that has BEP2 subtitle like on the following screenshot. Do not select "BUSD Token" with "BEP20" subtitle and do not select "Binance USD" with "ERC20" subtitle.

You will be shown a QR code and an address on Binance Chain network. Click "Copy" to copy your BEP-2 address to buffer. The easiest is to email it to yourself. Once you have the address, paste it into "recipient's BUSD address".

Leave Memo field empty, because Trust Wallet does not require the Memo. Enter the amount of BNB you would like to withdraw and click "Submit". After that may send you an email to verify your withdrawal. After you confirm the withdrawal, you will see it in your Trust Wallet in less than a minute.

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