How to donate using Binance Chain Extension Wallet

Open HEO.Finance in the browser with installed Binance Chain Extension Wallet. If necessary log in to your Binance Chain Extension Wallet.

Choose the campaign you want to support. Click on that campaign. The description of the campaign will open. Enter the amount of BUSD you want to donate (1 BUSD ≈ 1 USD), and click on the red button "Donate".

Choose "Binance Chain" from the menu.

Allow Help Each Other to spend your BUSD by clicking on "Confirm".

After the spend limit is confirmed you’ll get notification from Binance Chain Extension Wallet proposing you to approve the donation. Confirm the transaction and wait for the network to confirm it.

The Help Each Other will thank you for your donation. Check the amount of funds raised by the campaign and see your donation made (please, be aware it may take a few minutes for the network to update and the small fee is applied).

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