How to pass Moonpay's verification

Moonpay requires verification. We show you the process for the citizens of the Russian Federation. As the rules are slightly different in different countries the needed steps may differ. In case of difficulties, please, check Moonpay's FAQ.

To pass the verification at the first step enter your e-mail address.

Click on “Continue”

Enter your data and click on “Continue”.

Answer a few questions from Moonpay and press on “Continue”.

Choose which ID you’re ready to upload. Click on “Continue” and upload a photo of your ID.

Upload a document that proves your billing address (e.g. a bank statement or a utility bill).

Soon you’ll receive an email that you passed the verification, and the verification tab will turn to an interface for choosing the payment method. After passing the verification your limits to buy crypto will be set to 50 000 euros per month. After buying BNB you can exchange some to BUSD and start donating.

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