How to create fundraising campaigns

At the first stage of the platform’s life only the campaigns that socially benefits the communities can be created. If you think your project will empower the community you need to apply to be whitelisted. To do so:

1) Create a wallet. If you already have a wallet connected to Binance Smart Chain start from step 3. If you have issues read our guides on how to install and to configure your wallet.

2) If you use MetaMask connect your wallet to Binance Smart Chain, if you use Trust Wallet add BNB (BEP-20) token (steps 8–10 of the guide on how to create a Trust Wallet).

3) Copy the address of your wallet in Binance Smart Chain (it should start with 0x). If you have issues with this step, check our guide on how to copy the address of your wallet in the Binance Smart Chain.

4) Fill the short form. Paste the address of your wallet to the field “Organization’s BEP-20 wallet address”. Wait for us to e-mail you. If you have been whitelisted take the next step.

5) Log in at HEO Finance for us to check you have been whitelisted.

If you are using the MetaMask extension for a computer browser, open HEO Finance in that browser. Click the "Login" button and choose MetaMask from the menu. If necessary, enter the password for your wallet and click the "Connect" button. Click on "Sign". Note that the word "Login" has changed to the word "Logout".

6) At HEO Finance choose "Start a Fundraiser" from the menu (if you are using a mobile app you'll need to scan a qr-code one more time). Describe your campaign and click on the button "Create campaign". You'll get notification from your wallet to confrm the transaction with which you start a campaign. The transaction fee is usually around 20-40 cents. Confirm the transaction and wait for it to be added to blockchain. Congratulations, your campaign is created. The raised funds will be sent to the address of the wallet you used to create the campaign.

7) BUSD is a stablecoin. It means it always costs approximately 1 USD. That’s why we recommend you to keep the raised funds in BUSD and exchange only the funds you need right now.

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